Elevated Candy Co truffles

Elevated’s truffles.

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We are back in production!

After a long month of moving and setting up our new plant we are finally back in production!

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Move to Port Townsend

We have closed out our Snohomish operation and have moved the business to Port Townsend. We have been working hard to get our Port Townsend plant up and running. We’ll be in production soon!
We look forward to providing you with fine handmade chocolates.
The crew,
Julie, David, Rachel and Bill

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Welcome to Elevated Candy Co.

We are chocolatiers carrying on more than 80 years of candy and chocolate making tradition which started with the Baker Candy Company in 1929. David and Julie McCulloch’s long association with Baker Candy and their extensive business experience in both the retail and the production side of the ice cream and candy business assure the continuation of the excellent quality of Baker candy.

“We can think of no finer people to carry on and enhance the Baker legacy.  Thank you for your faithful loyalty to Baker Candy—we know you will continue being well served by the McCulloch’s and Elevated Candy Company.” Pam and Randy Spoo

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Elevated Candy Company

We are chocolatiers located in Port Townsend, WA.


David and Julie McCulloch, owners of Elevated Ice Cream Co. and Candy Shop, Port Townsend, have purchased a Snohomish County candy manufacturing company and plan to move it to Port Townsend this summer. The company will employ three candy makers and wholesale sales staff.

Baker Candy Company, founded and in continuous operation in North Seattle since 1929, has produced chocolates for the McCulloch’s since 1978.

“When I was a little girl, my grandmother would take me to Baker’s in Lake City for a special treat”, says Julie. Little did she know she would someday own the company.

The McCulloch’s are the third owners of the business, which was family owned and operated by three generations from 1929 to 2005.

The second owners, Pam and Randy Spoo, also were long time customers of Baker’s Candy Co., purchasing candy for their Snohomish shop. When they purchased Baker’s, they relocated the candy production facility from Lake City (north of Seattle) to Snohomish.

“When we became the second owners of Baker’s Candy,” said the Spoo’s, “we knew we were the keepers of a tradition of quality that is not easily found in today’s busy world.  Now that it’s time for us to pass the business to new owners, we are delighted that Julie and David share our same values of quality and the revival of traditional methods.”

All chocolates and confections are handmade.

“We’ll move the production facility to Port Townsend as soon as we either build a facility or find a kitchen here with appropriate humidity and temperature for chocolate making,” said David.

The business will be renamed “Elevated Candy Co.” It currently wholesales to west coast retail stores from Alaska to California.

Elevated Candy Co. already crafts their own liqueur truffles, a signature item in the chocolate case for nearly 30 years. Truffles were handmade by Elevated’s baker and candy maker Phyl Foley, who recently retired after 26 years.

“Elevated” is both an expression of the ice cream company’s humble beginnings in an antique elevator on Water Street, as well as the joy small treats bring to daily life. Along with artisan bread makers, cheese makers, three cider makers and other food crafters, Julie and David say they look forward to adding artisan chocolate and candy to the growing Olympic Culinary Loop experience.

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